The singer/songwriting partnership of Australian Neil Lemon and Brit Angie Paice started over 20 years ago on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Diamond Bay, Sydney.  Having initially formed a band called Rivers & Roads they spent a decade developing their folk-pop sound playing in pubs, hotels, festivals and private functions across Sydney and the state of New South Wales.  

Their fusion of friendly folk pop fuelled 3 albums – ‘Kickin’ Dust’; ‘Big & Blue’ and ‘Freedom to the World’ as Rivers & Roads. The band enjoyed successful long-term band residencies at The Tattersalls Hotel in Rozelle and the prestigious Rocks Market in Sydney as coordinated by The Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority.   

All 3 albums enjoyed healthy airplay across the community and oftentimes national radio programmes in Australia and the single ‘Freedom to the World’ video was launched on national television’s Channel 10 Video Hits show during peak time.  

In 2009, Neil Lemon & Angie Paice relocated to England where they continue to perform as Lemon & Paice with friends, playing songs from the early days in Rivers & Roads and also new material which continues to prove popular in hotels, private functions and festivals.   

‘Songs on Toast’ was recorded and produced in 2014 as a celebration of their performances in cafes and intimate venues, an album of old faithfuls they have played since their early days as well as the best of new songs. This includes the popular ‘Tale of Mrs Gardiner’ a country ballads about the plight of the Australian brumbies in northern NSW. While the single ‘Choices’, written on the 380 Bondi bus, from the album ‘Songs on Toast’ was a Top 20 finalist for Record of the Year on Radio Six International in 2015. All Rivers & Roads and Lemon & Paice songs are now digitally distributed through Ditto Music UK and are available across all digital platforms. 

Neil Lemon

Neil Lemon

Neil ~ Gaelic origin for "champion", Lamont ~ "Lawman" thus champion of fairness and reason. 

Neil takes these meanings and origins to heart in his songs and poems as a champion of causes and in the footsteps of many a dissident to a corrupt status quo. In his words,

"I dream of a fairer world for all and love to examine the awakening of the latent powers within us and what would it really be like to live in and create a fair and free world. I like to push the positive envelope on us as beings on a recovery trail."

"I also write science fiction/fantasy about an evolving world and the potential effects of reason on the set patterns of the status quo and the ignorance that allows its creation. I enjoy unique character creation and new worlds and frontiers. I write about possible futures, not dystopian or utopian but the potential realities of reason applied. I like to explore the awakening of latent powers within all of us in a wide variety of characters."

Neil has been singing, writing poems and stories and playing guitar since 14 years of age and currently plays a Martin HD-35 and Epiphone Casino.